How To Add Lights to Your Christmas Tree the Easy Way

Showstopping Designer Ribbons

After your home is shining bright with the perfect Christmas lights, the next step is choosing your favorite showstopping designer ribbon. Whether you are designing a whole new Christmas tree or updating an old favorite, ribbon is where it all begins. Trending this Christmas season, you will see lots of 1 inch ribbon accents. Shop my handpicked collection below and follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see how to put it all together.

Handmade Christmas Tree Bows

Full sets of Christmas tree bows already made for you to make decorating that much easier. You'll be the only one with these one of a kind creations this holiday season.

Oversized Shatterproof Ornaments

Finally, set your tree apart with oversized ornaments to draw the eye to a focal point. I have selected my very favorite sizes and colors below. My absolute favorite ornament is the 6 inch candy apple red ball. The finish is simply stunning in person and really is heirloom quality. We all know that red at Christmas is never going out of style!