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6 PACK - 73.8' Snake Light Garland w/ 1,000 Warm White LED Lights on Green Wire

6 PACK - 73.8' Snake Light Garland w/ 1,000 Warm White LED Lights on Green Wire

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Elevate Your Holidays with Our Beloved Snake Light Garland 6-Pack

Introducing the Snake Light Garland 6-Pack: 6 Sets of 1,000 Warm White Lights on 73.8' of Green Wire Each

Join the holiday enchantment and relish the brilliance of the Snake Light Garland, the very lights that have taken social media by storm, adorning Instagram and Facebook feeds with their mesmerizing glow. Each of these extraordinary 6 garlands features 1,000 warm white lights on 73.8 feet of lush green wire, making it the ultimate choice for your holiday illumination.

Versatile Radiance, Indoors and Outdoors

Your Holidays, Your Way

Bring your holiday visions to life with the Snake Light Garland, designed to shine both indoors and outdoors. Whether you're transforming your living room into a cozy haven or creating a festive outdoor wonderland, these lights are the canvas for your creativity.

A Symphony of Light at Your Command

Eight Mesmerizing Light Functions per Set

Elevate your holiday experience with eight captivating light functions in each set. Included with each set is a user-friendly remote and a reliable DC adapter, these lights offer a seamless transition between combo, medium twinkle, sequential, slow twinkle, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/fade, and steady on modes. Craft the perfect ambiance for each cherished moment of your holiday season.

My Personal Touch: Decorating Inspiration

Zig-Zag Perfection

Discover my decorating secret: a zig-zag pattern of these lights on your Christmas tree. Begin at the top of the tree with each light strand and place the lights on the tree in a zig zag pattern.  End your strand at the base of the tree. Connect multiple strands using a power strip, cleverly hidden beneath a tree skirt or tree collar. For a 9-foot slim tree, three strands are ideal, while a full-bodied 10-foot tree comes to life with five strands. These lights have been my trusted choice for years, and they never cease to amaze.

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