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Artificial Pink Tea Rose Sprays, 3 Pack of 20.5 Inch Sprays

Artificial Pink Tea Rose Sprays, 3 Pack of 20.5 Inch Sprays

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Enhance Your Decor with Artificial Pink Tea Rose Sprays - 3-Pack, 20.5 Inches Each

Elegance That Endures

Elevate any setting with the timeless beauty of our Artificial Pink Tea Rose Sprays. Each spray boasts four fully opened blooms, three new growth buds, and lush green foliage accents. Whether incorporated into an arrangement or showcased solo in your favorite decorative vase, these exquisite sprays add a touch of grace that lasts through every season. Each pack contains three sprays for your convenience.

Versatile Beauty: Perfect for Any Occasion

Graceful Charm for Every Celebration

These sprays are a versatile addition to your decor, suitable for various occasions throughout the year. Whether you're decorating for Pinkmas, designing a Barbie Christmas tree, celebrating Valentine's Day, welcoming the vibrancy of spring, or adorning your space for Christmas, these tea rose sprays bring a burst of color and elegance to any holiday display.

Year-Round Freshness: Lifelike Beauty

Enjoy Blooms That Never Fade

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these artificial tea rose sprays offer lifelike beauty that never fades. Their vibrant colors and natural appearance make them an ideal choice for indoor decor, ensuring that your space remains fresh and inviting.

Ideal for Indoor Use

Beauty That Blooms Indoors

These tea rose sprays are recommended for indoor use, allowing you to infuse elegance and charm into your home decor effortlessly.

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